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Many Supported Systems
Our DATALINK process works with hundreds of applications; plus we can customize our synchronization scripts to work with just about any SQL-based database application. No matter what system you use, you can extend it with new email broadcasting capabilities.

Association Management Systems

Most Association Management Systems provide rich capabilities for managing a membership but do not include complete, integrated solutions for broadcasting email or managing discussion forums. Our DATALINK feature pulls any required information from your association database, including contact demographics, committee affiliations, divisions, sections, chapter, past purchases, past meetings attended, member renewal status, and much more. With this critical information organized in an easy-to-search format, non-technical staff can send personalized, targeted email newsletters, non-dues product promotions, announcements, and renewal notices. Supports TIMSS, iMIS, Avectra NetForum, Rapattoni, Protech CRM, and many others.

Seminar Registration Systems

We work with Entrinsik's Semtek, Peopleware, Event Pro, Aceware, and others.

Legacy Database Systems

We work with most any application that uses Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Universe and DB2, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, MySQL, Postgres, Interbase.