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Easy Email Newsletters and Promotions
List Pilot makes it easy to create and send professional, personalized email newsletters, course announcements, and special promotions to any segment of your customer database. The key is data integration with your existing systems through our proprietary DATALINK technology. DATALINK constantly pulls updated information from your existing database applications to our service, so your staff does not have to. Non-technical staff are able to manage email campaigns without IT support. Everyone is more productive!

  • Easy on the Staff. Our automated synchronization with your database will save countless hours of staff time.
  • Better Delivery Rates. Let us worry about spam filters and blacklists.
  • Compatible with Your Database. Our system works with most association management systems (iMIS, TIMSS, DMG, Rapattoni, etc.), event management systems (Peopleware, etc), and SQL databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Postgresql, MySQL, etc.)
  • Members Love It. Personalized communications saves your customers' time and generates better response rates.