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Automated Permissions Save Staff Time

You can save a lot of staff time through our Automated Permissions feature. Automated Permissions let you set permissions, based on criteria in your membership database, of who is allowed in a certain content area or access to a forum. Whenever someone logs in, our system identifies the content areas and forums to which they have access based on their membership status, committee afiliations, and other demographics from your membership database. Some common criteria are:

  • They must be an active member;
  • They must be on a certain committee; or
  • They must have registered for the annual meeting

You can set a separate permissions of who is allowed to browse or search the archives of a forum, making it easy, for example to create a forum for which only Committee members can post messages, but any active member can see what has been posted.

Of course your designated Moderators of each forum can override the automatic permissions.