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Pricing for Customer Communities

The Customer Communities Service pricing is based primarily on the number of participants, so you only pay for those customers that use the Communities at least once per year. Prices include all required synchronization with your membership database.

Standard Service $500/month for hosting up to 8,000 participants.

More Participants $160/month for hosting an additional 4,000 participants.

Member Directory $100/month for every 8,000 names in the directory.

One-time Set-Up Fee

Set-up includes configuring your Community website, establishing synchronization links to your operational databases, and customizing the look to match your oranization's website. For set-up, there is a one-time fee of $900.

Consulting and Training

We are available as a technical resource for solving any HTML, database, or other technological issues. We can also help solve any issues with getting the appropriate information out of your existing databases. All Consulting and training services are available at our standard rate of $110 per hour.